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Our Team


Ben Rahn - Principal Photographer

Ben has been photographing architecture and interiors for more than 20 years. He founded A-Frame in 2003 out of a desire to combine his love of design with his keen photographic eye. Since then, his work has been recognized internationally and has appeared in a variety of publications. Ben enjoys being awake earlier than the rest of the world and is happiest on top of dangerously-tall buildings, so his career choice is a perfect fit.

The experienced team at A-Frame provides clients with exceptional service and support throughout the entire photographic process. We collaborate with you to plan your shoot, edit and retouch images and get them where they need to be to meet your deadlines. Our in house post-production facilities and archives mean we are able to ensure a fast turnaround.


Erika Jacobs - Producer

As the oldest of four children, Erika has been running things for a long time. She is resourceful, thorough, and gets things done. Her specialty is seeing the big picture while managing small details, so Erika runs A-Frame's day-to-day operations, overseeing projects to keep things on time and organized. 


James Morley - Post-Production/Assistant

A grauate of Ryerson Universty, James has been photographing skateboarders in their natural habitat for over eight years. He most recently spent time crouching in the Las Vegas ditches to get the perfect shot. When he's not braving a sunburn James can be found diligently overseeing the studio's post-production and helping out on set.


Nichole Silva - Studio Assistant

Nichole came to us an intern, and we like her so much she's now one of our main assistants. When not on location, Nichole works hard behind the scenes to make those beautiful packages that go out into the world, and handle a bunch of our additional office admin.


Zachary Koski - Post-Production

Zach grew up in an Ontario tourist town. And then he left. Zach is a Photoshop wizard, and if you're unhappy with the colour of that feature wall in your retail space, he can change it for you. If you need that construction site next to your project to disappear, he's your man. Ask him about the time he spent with Golden Eagles in Malaysia.