We Believe in Getting It Right.

We used to photograph to 4x5 transparency film; hours of gelling lights to match colour temperatures, setting furniture exactly where it needed to be, and really only one shot at getting it right.

We do amazing things in post-production now, but there's still no substitute for getting up early and knowing your craft. We proudly honour this tradition of detailed precision and technical knowledge in all our work.

Ben Rahn

Ben has been photographing architecture and interiors for more than twenty years. He founded A-Frame Studio in 2003 out of a desire to combine his love of design with his keen photographic eye. Ben splits his time between the Brooklyn studio he founded while living in New York, and the lead studio in Toronto, where he lives with his wife and their two children.

Erika Jacobs

Erika directs production and business development for A-Frame.. She excels at turning chaotic environments into smooth-running operations. Erika brings photography experience, as well as a track record of moving projects from concept to completion. She has collaborated with image-makers on photo shoots, books, commercials, videos, and exhibitions. Erika has worked with A-Frame for twelve years, and still gets excited when one of their photographs is featured on the cover of a magazine.

Nichole Silva

Calm and organized, Nichole heads our post-production team, retouching those unsightly exit signs and managing project deadlines. When not on location, Nichole works hard behind the scenes to keep the studio running smoothly. And her nails are always fantastic. Nichole keeps the boat afloat.

James Morley

A graduate of Ryerson University, James has been photographing human interaction with the built environment for nearly ten years. James’ work is most recently featured in Thrasher Magazine. In addition to working with our photography clients, James diligently oversees our motion projects.


Do you photograph tethered? (And what does that mean?)

Absolutely. Our large-format camera is tethered (connected) to a laptop on site so that you can see what is being photographed. We find it integral to the collaborative process that everyone knows what is going on, and how the space is being framed so we can work as a team to resolve the small and important details. Things that may look fine to the naked eye may be blocking sight-lines to the lens, or cast a strange shadow, or look a little wonky. By spending time getting it right on set, there are no rude surprises when reviewing the final photographs.

Where are you based and do you travel?

We have studios in Toronto and New York, with team members splitting time between both. We love to travel and Though most of A-frame’s work is based in Canada and the US, we have photographed projects worldwide, including in Dublin, Berlin, Rome, and Seoul. Travel expenses may apply, depending on where your project is located. These will be estimated beforehand, and we can work with you to find creative solutions to keep costs down.


A-Frame holds copyright to all our images. Anyone interested in using the photographs for their own purposes must obtain a usage license. As the commissioning client, you will have a license to use the photographs for your own marketing, promotion, website, award submissions, social media, etc. Any additional parties who want to use the photographs will need to contact A-Frame directly.

Full copyright buyout is also available. Purchasing the full rights to the photographs allows you to distribute the images to anyone you’d like, without restriction, even re-selling them. Because of the cost involved, this option is most popular for large corporate clients who need full control over distribution.

When Will We Get Our Photographs?

You will receive an online gallery link to the unretouched proofs within 5 business days. You can preview the available photographs, select the images you would like to license, and send us any specific retouching notes. Depending on the scope of work, retouching generally takes 8-10 business days, and we will update you once the work is ready for your approval. If you are working to a deadline, please let us know as early as possible so we can do our best to accommodate your needs.


Yes. Though we recommend licensing everything you need while the project is “fresh,” we do archive all of our projects and have had clients come to us more than ten years later to license photographs from a specific project.