Nichole's Picks

Nichole began working with the studio as an intern during her studies at Ryerson University, and she has worked on countless projects in numerous roles on her way to becoming our post-production and studio manager. Here are some of her favourite projects she has worked on over the past five years.

Mackage montreal - BurdiFilek

"I loved assisting on the shoot and working on the retouching for this project. Diego is really invested in the quality of his projects’ images, and working towards his vision for the final photographs is full of fun challenges. With this project in particular, I love the simple palette and gorgeous textures."

TPL Scarborough Civic Centre - LGA

"This was the first project where I was the assistant on the shoot. At one point, we had to stand in one spot for an hour to wait for the sun to hit the perfect spot, and I realized just how slow the process of our work was and how much we care about getting it right."

Chatham Kent Hospice - ROA Studio

This was another one of my first projects I helped with, and it was a very unique experience. There were a number of shots we had to get at dusk with all of the lights on, and we had to work extremely quickly to race the light; it was thrilling. I also wasn’t familiar with hospice care before this shoot, and one of the residents passed away while we were there.